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Neato XV™

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  1. Neato XV™ Series Combo Brush

    Best for Homes with Pets and Allergy Sensitivities The Neato XV™ Series combo brush offers superior pick-up of pet hair, reduced noise during operation, and is ideal for homes with multiple types of flooring. Compatible only with Neato XV™ Series Robot Vacuums.
  2. Neato XV™ Series Blade Brush

    The Neato XV™ Series blade brush cleans all floor types and offers surperior performance across all floor surfaces. The blades, combined with Neato's powerful vacuum suction, remove debris, dirt and fibers. You’ll get that "just vacuumed" look on carpet with Neato’s smart, methodical cleaning patterns. Compatible only with Neato XV™ Series Robot Vacuums.
  3. Neato XV™ Series High-Performance Filter (2/pack)

    With more material than standard filters, Neato XV High Performance Filters capture fine dust particles and reduce allergens in your home. Compatible only with Neato XV™ Series Robot Vacuums.
  4. Neato XV™ Series Standard Filter (4/pack)

    Keep your Neato XV™ accessory vacuum at peak performance with frequent filter changes. Replace filter every one or two months, depending on usage. Filters are easy-to-change – just pop them out and replace. Pack contains twelve (12) filters. Compatible only with Neato XV™ Series Robot Vacuums.
  5. Neato XV™ Series Battery Replacement Kit (Set of 2)

    Keep your Neato XV™ running at peak performance with new batteries. The Neato XV™ Battery Pack is a set of two (2) rechargeable NiMH batteries that will maximize cleaning and coverage. Compatible only with Neato XV™ Series Robot Vacuums, both batteries must be replaced at the same time. Six Month Manufacturers Limited Warranty. (Ni-MH, 14.4V, 3200-mAh)
  6. Boundary Markers for Neato Robot Vacuums

    Neato Boundary Markers let you decide where your accessory can go and where it should "keep out." Easily cut the magnetic strip to fit doorways, around pet bowls, cords, or anywhere you don’t want Neato to go. Contains 13 feet (4 meters) of boundary markers. Compatible with both Neato Botvac™ Series & Neato XV™ Series products.
  7. Neato XV™ Series Pet and Allergy Upgrade Kit

    Neato Pet & Allergy Upgrade Kit designed especially for pet owners and allergy sufferers. With this kit, Neato picks up even tough pet hair, dander, and fine dust particles. The Pet & Allergy Upgrade Kit comes with a unique curved helix brush custom designed to pick up pet hair and makes less noise, especially on hard surface floors. The special Pet & Allergy high efficiency filter traps 3x more dust and dander that standard filters keeping your home clean & healthy.
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7 Item(s)