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Largest spaces.
Deepest clean.

Neato Botvac D7 Connected. Now with Floor Planner (No-Go Lines and Zones Cleaning)

Neato Botvac™: The smartest, most powerful robot vacuum See it in action

The smartest, most powerful robot just got smarter, more powerful and Wi-Fi enabled.

cleaning on the go.

Wi-Fi Icon
Clean anytime, anywhere with the Neato app—start, stop, pause, schedule, and receive notifications wherever you are.
Turbo Icon
Turbo mode delivers a super-powered cleaning — maximum pickup on all floor surfaces.
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High Capacity Lithium Ion battery for longer cleaning time.
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Wi-Fi enabled for your smart home.
Clean anytime, <br />anywhere.

Clean anytime,

Botvac Connected robot vacuums with Wi-Fi connectivity let you control your robot with your smartphone. Clean from anywhere with the Neato mobile app – including when you’re not at home. Start, stop, pause, schedule, and receive notifications wherever you are.

You can even control your Neato robot with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Or use IFTTT or Neato Chatbot for Facebook.

Available on all Botvac Connected Series robot vacuums.

Neato mobile app available for iOS and Android.

Methodical, thorough, efficient.

SpinFlow™ Power Clean

SpinFlow™ Power Clean

SpinFlow technology combines potent suction and precision brushes to leave floors immaculately clean. Dirt will never know what hit it.

LaserSmart™ Navigation

LaserSmart™ Mapping & Navigation

Advanced laser floor plan mapping and navigation means a deep, thorough, methodical cleaning in less time with incredible digital precision.

D-Shape with CornerClever™


With multiple floor plans, you can create more floor plans and now set up No-Go Lines on every floor so you only clean the areas you want. No need to limit yourself to one story anymore.

D-Shape with CornerClever™


Quick boost charges your robot with just the right amount of power, so it finishes even faster. Amazing. Your robot actually knows what it needs.

D-Shape with CornerClever™

D-Shape with CornerClever™

Exclusive D-Shape with CornerClever technology destroys dirt where it hides — in corners and along walls. Round robot vacuums simply are not up to the task.

Maximum Hair Pickup

Maximum Hair Pickup

Hair. Pet, human or other... Neato doesn’t discriminate. Picks up more pet hair than other bots.

View a map of the area cleaned by Neato

See where your Neato robot’s been.

The Neato mobile app lets you see a Cleaning Summary with information about the last 20 cleaning runs in your Neato robot vacuum’s history.

Even view a Coverage Map that shows you exactly where your Neato robot vacuum has cleaned.

Available on all Botvac Connected Series robot vacuums.

Neato mobile app available for iOS and Android.

You don't have to do a thing.

Exclusive D-Shape
Cleans Room-to-Room
Connect with Mobile
Connect with Mobile
Auto Daily Cleaning
Auto Daily Cleaning
Auto Charge & Resume
Auto Charge & Resume
The smartest, most powerful robot vacuum.

Other robots randomly bounce around the room.

The smartest, most powerful robot vacuum.

Neato scans and systematically cleans.

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